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Digital Altitude Review – Michael Force’s Marketing Products Opportunity

Digital Altitude is a new online training course and direct selling company catered towards digital entrepreneurs.

Find out if Digital Altitude is worth your time and money today in our review.

What Is Digital Altitude?

Digital Altitude is an online training course created by Michael Force. The course is catered towards digital entrepreneurs who are ready to take their business to the next level. The course includes lessons with mountainous names like Base, Rise, Ascend, Peak, and Apex. By the time you get to “Apex”, you should be a master of digital business building. Digital Altitude is more than just an online training course: it’s also a multilevel marketing company. The company’s direct selling model allows members to earn money by referring friends to the training program. You can earn up to $12,000 per sale at the highest level of Digital Altitude.

Who Is Michael Force?

Digital Altitude was created by a guy named Michael Force. Michael is a former marine. He has also worked for some major affiliate programs over the years and earned an excellent online income from it. Judging by his website and his testimonials, Michael is very good at what he does. He claims that Digital Altitude is the culmination of his life’s work. He has poured everything he knows into the training program and he’s ready to invest the resources and money needed to make the program work.

Digital Altitude Products

Digital Altitude separates its training program into multiple levels. These levels correspond to how far up the virtual mountain you’re ready to climb. Products include:

Core Products And Training Program

-Aspire ($37 or $67 per month) Digital Business Sales System: The entry-level product of Digital Altitude provides training videos, personal coaches, back-end products, merchant and payroll services, networking, live support, and live chat with other entrepreneurs.

-Base ($397) Digital Business Mastery Course: Learn how to set up business goals, build a brand, create masterful websites, and manage your financials. The “Base” level of Digital Altitude is about the practical side of running a business, including things they would teach you in business school (and many things they don’t teach you in business school).

-Rise ($1,497) Digital Marketing Mastery Course: The “Base” level focuses on the practical side of running a business, and the “Rise” level caters that information specifically for digital entrepreneurs. Finding practical information about running a digital business can be difficult, and Digital Altitude introduces you to all of this information in a straightforward way.

-Ascend ($6,997) Digital Business Profit Workshop: If you buy into Digital Altitude at this level, you’ll gain access to a three day workshop event that takes place in Las Vegas. That workshop is led by Michael Force himself and may feature other business leaders from the world of digital entrepreneurship.

-Peak ($11,997) Business Prosper Retreat: If you buy into Digital Altitude at this level, you’ll get a five day all-inclusive retreat for two where you can learn from business leaders, listen to great speakers, and hear digital business lessons from Michael Force.

-Apex ($19,997) Digital Business Legacy Experience: Priced for only the most successful digital entrepreneurs, the Apex experience involves a 7 day all-inclusive retreat for two. At this package, your speakers will be asset management and investing experts. After all, by the time you reach this level, you should already have mastered digital marketing.

Ultimately, the goal is to climb Michael Force’s mountain of success. You start at the Base before making your way up to the Apex. Get it?

Add-On Products

Digital Altitude also offers certain add-on products you can buy. Those products include: -Guru You: A set of software tools that help you brand yourself as a “guru”, including head shot creation, director videos, social media creation tools, and more. -Inbound: This web-based service focuses on creating clickable content for your blogs.

If you know anything about inbound marketing, then you’ll get the idea behind Inbound. Packages are available ranging from $15 to $1500 per month. -Traffic and Funnel Products: Monetize your email lists and push traffic through sales funnels to boost your online earnings. There are 12 different traffic and funnel products available.

How to Make Money with Digital Altitude

Part of the goal of Digital Altitude is to learn how to make money online by optimizing your business practices.

Another part of Digital Altitude is learning how to make money by convincing other people to join Digital Altitude.

If you have a talent for sales, then this can be a lucrative opportunity (especially since Digital Altitude is a relatively new product).

Your commission varies depending on which level you buy into the program.

There are actually 60 income streams in total, including 19 residual streams. Here’s how much you can expect to earn at each level of Digital Altitude:

-Aspire: 40% commission, with 1 tier payout at the $37 level and 60% commission on 3 tiers of payout at the $67 level. In real terms, that means you earn $17 or $41 per month for every person you refer to the program.

-Base: 60% commission over three tiers (works out to $240 per sale).

If you have a tough lead and need help to close the sale, then your commission will drop down to 40%, earning you $160 per sale.

-Rise: 60% commission over three tiers (works out to $899 per sale).

A “Client for Life” coach can close the sale for you as well, in which case you’ll earn 40% commission over three tiers, or $600.

-Ascend: Just like the previous two levels, you’ll make either 60% commission (if you close the sale yourself) or 40% commission (if someone else closes the sale for you).

That’s $4250 or $1900 per sale.

-Peak: 60% or 40% commission split, earning you $7,200 or $4,800 across three tiers.

-Apex: 60% or 40% commission split, earning you $12,000 or $8,000 across three tiers.

Like most multilevel marketing companies, you won’t earn commission above your level.

For example, if you join the company at the “Rise” level, then you’ll only earn commission when a referral buys the Aspire, Base, or Rise packages.

If someone buys the $20,000 Apex package, then you won’t receive that commission.

Conclusion: Who Should Join Digital Altitude?

Digital Altitude is an enticing new startup. Former marine Michael Force seems more committed to this project than your average multilevel marketer.

That’s good news for anyone who joins the company early.

The company is currently in the early stages of launch, but its branding and website are already looking excellent.

Whether you’re interested in online tutoring or you want to earn money through direct selling, Digital Altitude appears to be a good opportunity for digital marketing entrepreneurs.

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